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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 7, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, signs of relief. a double-dose of good news for the u.s. economy. job numbers are up. and oil prices are down. and get this. gas, food and clothing prices may drop soon, too. when and by how much? we break it down. the terror playbook. new details on the intricate plans that osama bin laden left behind. the cities he wanted to target. and how he planned to win over more recruits. as the u.s. scrambles to stop al qaeda from putting these plans into action, we have new information on how bin laden hid in plain sight in pakistan, longer than we even thought. epic flooding. states along the mississippi are bracing for the worst flooding in 100 years as the mighty river swells to record levels. entire towns are already
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submerged. and it's only going to get worse, in what's being called a slow-motion disaster. and just like us. look at these pictures. the new duchess of cambridge, kate middleton, just a week after her fairy tale wedding, doing her own grocery shopping. is this the new face of the royals? that kate middleton just can't get it wrong. she looks beautiful in a wedding dress. equally beautiful in jeans. look at her. grocery shopping. were you grocery shopping the week after your wedding? >> i might let someone else buy my groceries. >> there is nothing in the cart. we assume this was taken on her way into the store. >> prince charles, by the way, by contrast, he lets someone put the toothpaste on his toothbrush before he starts brushing his teeth. >> that was one of the most startling of details that came
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out in the coverage of the wedding. i never knew that. and there's a desperate rescue going on this morning off the coast of florida. look at this video. these are rescuers working around the clock trying to save a dozen beached pilot whales. they became standed tuesday afternoon, during a low tide. but 13 have already died. we'll have the live report from florida. >> it's incredible. you can see in the pictures, literally holding those animals up in four-hour shifts. it's a really dramatic situation. also this morning, the parents from tyler clementi. he's the student from rutgers university, who jumped off a bridge after a case of cyber bullying. they are speaking publicly for the first time. we're going to show you their emotional statement. and we're going to explain why one of the alleged bullies will most likely not see any jail time. we're going to begin with something we've all been waiting for, encouraging economic news. employers added 244,000 jobs in april. that's more than expected and and the third-straight month of solid job growth. in addition, oil prices fell 15% this week. that means the price of gas,
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food and clothing could soon be going down, as well. jeremy hubbard is at a gas station in new york with more. good morning, jeremy. >> reporter: bianna, good morning. this is huge news for cash-strapped drivers. the highest gas prices of 2011 may have already come and gone. we'll likely start seeing the pennies peel off by monday. and optimistic analysts say they could drop 25 cents to 40 cents in the coming weeks, just in time for memorial day. this week started with the highest oil prices in two years. it's ending in a freefall. oil down $17 in just five days. slowly and surely, we're seeing it at the pump. gas down a penny, early nationwide from yesterday. down a quarter, from $3.80 to $3.50 in this florida panhandle town, where a price war is being wage. >> illinois, the upper great lakes, we'll see the largest drop in prices. the smallest drop will likely come in the midwest and the rockies, where gas prices are already low. >> reporter: if gas prices truly
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drop 25 cents to 40 cents by memorial day, americans who have been spending $390 a month to fill up the tank, will now be spending about $350. a subtle change, but an economic boom. economists say it would free up $100 million to $150 million a day, for americans to spend on other things. good news for companies that sell everything from candles, to kindles, to cars. seattle mom cheryl sanders says she's already loosening the purse strings. >> a lot more comfortable. but i still worry. i see the prices of oil going up constantly. it costs more to go to the grocery store. >> reporter: and she may feel some relief at the supermarket soon. food prices shot up 3% to 4% this year. but now, they're leveling off. and commodity prices for corn, wheat and sugar, all dropped this week. sugar dropped some 13%. it could add up to a smaller grocery bill. same thing at the mall. clothe prices are dropping. cotton is down 30% from its high in march. and lower gas prices mean lower
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costs for transporting nearly everything we buy. a win-win, after months of pain at the pump. and more about that pain. until yesterday, the price of gasoline had increased every, single day since march 23rd. now, analysts say, as they expect a steady decline, perhaps into july. bianna? >> we hope, jeremy. thank you. so, we set up an economic timeline, to try to get a handle on when prices might be coming down. and how much we're talking about. i'm talking to baron's senior editor, mike santoli here. this is great news we're seeing. we know that gas prices traditionally follow oil prices. so, how much of a decline can we expect to see in gas prices? and when? >> crude oil prices are down 10% to 15% in a week. there's a lag in that price decrease getting to the pump. three to four weeks, you're looking at a dramatic decline. 20 cents, 30 cents, 40 cents a gallon, depending on where you are in the country, in probably about a month. >> we're talking about commodity prices going down as a whole.
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can we expect to see food and clothing prices go down, as well? >> yes. but probably in a more moderate way. if they're stickier prices. we didn't see the full impact of the increase in commodity prices in the actual products on the shelves. we didn't see cotton, for example, go up as much as the crude cotton went up. so, i do think we're going to see, over the summer, some moderation in food inflation. probably declines in food prices. >> let's turn to the jobs report we got. better-than-expected. 244,000 jobs added. the unemployment rate ticked up to 9%. that's not necessarily bad news, though. that means more people that gave up searching may be searching for work right now. when can we expect the unemployment rate to go down to maybe 7%? >> 7%, to be honest, is an optimistic outlook for the end of next year. it would require 300,000 or more jobs per month to be created between now and the end of 2012. so, really, we have a long haul here. there are some signs, though, that the job growth is accelerating modestly at this point. all preconditions for job growth is really looking good.
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the private sector profits and profit margins and capital spending, looking pretty good. so, i do think that somewhere approaching 7% would be the optimistic scenario for the end of 2012. >> wouldn't you say one of the brightest points is the fact that people that have been unemployed for six months or longer is down to a new low. >> that's been a troubling measure, long-term unemployment. that's going to keep the unemployment from getting back to what we would consider normal or optimistic levels for a long time. the longer people are out of work, the less employable they tend to be, unfortunately. >> nonetheless, a good week for news here. good news for the president, as well. obviously, with oil and the jobs market. all right, dan. we want to turn back to you. >> all right. so nice to lead our broadcast with positive economic news this morning. now, to the latest on america's reinvigorated fight against terror. u.s. officials are confirming that a drone strike in yemen on thursday was aimed at the radical cleric, anwar al awlaki, who survived the attack. the american-born cleric is suspected of orchestrating terror attacks here in the u.s.
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many people consider him to be the greatest individual threat to this country. that drone strike came just days after the raid in pakistan, of course, that killed osama bin laden. and this morning, we're learning new details from all those files and documents found in bin laden's compound. pierre thomas has more on that from washington this morning. pierre, you've been all over this story since the beginning. what's the latest? >> reporter: dan, one source briefed on the bin laden materials say they provide unprecedented insight into al qaeda's motives, tactics and doctrine. an intelligence bonanza. at the cia campus outside of washington, analysts are working around the clock. racing to explore a mountain of files and documents, seized at bin laden's compound. sources describe this as the mother lode, a treasure trove of materials that provides the al qaeda playbook. a playbook designed by a man who documents portray as a sort of head coach for terror, bin laden. >> bin laden was asking
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questions and getting information. >> reporter: the documents seized includes names, phone numbers and addresses, that could prove to be safe houses or suspects. a worldwide search is on to follow every, possible lead. possible targets suggested, the nation's infrastructure. water treatment plants and so-called soft targets. trains, subways, hotels, shopping centers. they wanted to hit major cities. new york, chicago, los angeles and washington, d.c. and contrary to what many analysts thought, a strategy to attack americans on holidays and anniversaries. they also wanted to sew the seeds of class warfare, by recruiting minorities to carry out attacks. the idea? not only to kill, but to rip out the fabric of american culture. >> by using the tool of minorities as terrorists, i think he wants to create unrest. >> reporter: sources say bin laden thought of himself as
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the ceo of terror and mass murder. bianna? >> pierre, thank you. abc news has learned this morning that before bin laden lived in that home in abbottabad, he lived in another urban area in pakistan as early as 2003. that's a full two years before moving to the compound he was eventually caught in. our jim sciutto is near that town in haripur. jim? >> reporter: bianna, this is the village where pakistani authorities say that bin laden was staying before he went to abbottabad. a small community, a farming community. just beyond the city, a power port. this means that bin laden was living in or near urban areas for even longer than we knew. going back as early as 2003. and an official here said pakistani authorities were aware that he lived here in 2009. this all raises extremely hard questions for the pakistani government, as to how the most recognizable terrorist in the world was living in such crowded areas without someone in the government or intelligence knowing. it comes as suspicions are
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growing in washington, dan, that someone in the government or intelligence, did know. >> jim sciutto, thank you for your reporting this morning. as you said, very touch questions for pakistan this morning. of course, we're only able to learn all this new information about bin laden because of that top-secret, elite assault force that carried out the dangerous raid on the compound in pakistan. and yesterday, a very proud president obama met those very troops and gave them a special honor. david kerley is on the story this morning from the white house. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. we're going to learn more today about the raid and how the military identified bin laden in a briefing. they're going to release some kind of video, as well, today. this, after a meeting the president so wanted with those team members who killed public enemy number one. at ft. campbell, kentucky, the president immediately went behind closed doors, where the navy s.e.a.l.s used pictures, maps, laser pointers and a scale model of the compound to tell the president firsthand, how they killed bin laden. mr. obama presented the entire assault team with a presidential
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unit citation. and told them he gave the order to get bin laden because, quote, i had 100% confidence in you. he then called them, the finest small fighting force in the history of the world. >> it's a chance for me to say on behalf of all americans and people around the world, job well done. job well done. >> reporter: the white house says this is no victory lap. but the president did fire up a larger group of troops. >> we're going to ultimately defeat al qaeda. we have cut off their head. and we will defeat them. >> reporter: and more details on tracking bin laden. a mile away from the compound, the cia set up a safe house, using high-tech optical and audio equipment, they tracked the man who walked the courtyard, nicknaming him, the pacer. but they never heard him speak and were unable to confirm it was bin laden. now, the white house has given us a glimpse, behind the scenes,
8:13 am
in the west wing, after that tense mission. the vice president, with congratulations. >> good job. it's him. this was him. >> reporter: after speaking to the nation, a thank you from the president, including the cia director, leon panetta. >> good job, national security team. thank you, leon. yeah. i'm proud of you. good job. >> reporter: and a standing ovation by the cabinet meeting. >> now, let's get back to work. >> reporter: the president had several meets yesterday at ft. campbell. first, with the s.e.a.l.s. then, with a broader group, including the aviators. at one of the meetings they brought the dog that assisted on the assault. the president suggested they bring treats. but that is one, mean dog. bianna? >> david, we also hear that he had titanium teeth. one dog not to be messed with. thank you very much. we're going to switch gears to the historic flooding that's gripping millions of people who live along the mighty mississippi river, which is rising by the minute. look at this map. all of those areas in red are at risk. and our steve osunsami is in memphis, tennessee, where people are evacuating their homes ahead of the high waters.
8:14 am
steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. this morning, the mississippi river here at memphis is at nearly 47 feet, which is the second-highest level ever recorded. floodwaters are now swallowing communities up and down the mississippi. when we passed by this playground yesterday, it was covered with just a few inches of this river, mixed with sewage. today, a few feet. these are new pictures of what is already a flood for the ages. from southern illinois, to southeast missouri, to northeast arkansas, to northwest tennessee. the floodwaters have swallowed homes and are putting families on the move. in memphis, a crisis this morning. amy palmer and other residents are coming to fill sandbags. >> it's going to destroy thousands of people's homes. everything you've ever had in your life, you're going to lose. if you can imagine that, it's
8:15 am
just heartbreaking. >> reporter: rita watson doesn't have to imagine. her home is flooded. her life's possessions are ruined. her heart is broken. >> we woke up. and the water was halfway to the fence. and then, over the gas meter. >> reporter: the levees and floodgates that protect the city are leaking and need every bit of help. >> if the levee were to fail in tiptonville, we would move in very quickly. just help people get out. >> reporter: the mississippi could reach record flood stage by wednesday. city leaders say they may need to build a tent city for thousands of evacuees. they're already going door-to-door, urging residents to leave. it's like a slow-moving wall of water, forecast to peak in memphis wednesday morning, with 48 feet, half a foot short of the 1937 record. to the south, in natchez, mississippi, on may 22nd, 64 feet, 6 feet above the record. in baton rouge on may 23rd, 47.5 feet, another record. the next day in new orleans, 19.5 feet of water. just six inches from the top of
8:16 am
the levee walls. and less than two feet below the record. making matters worse, dan and bianna, there's the chance of more rain this afternoon. >> the last thing they need. steve, thank you. you can just imagine all these people can do is wait for what they know will be devastating. >> this is a story we'll be covering for weeks. let's check the other top stories with ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with new sanctions against syrian officials for the violent crackdown on protests there. the white house is backing the european union decision to freeze of assets of government officials. at least 30 people were killed in clashes on friday. and the father of the only known u.s. service member held captive in the afghan war, is breaking his silence. in a youtube video, bo bergdahl's father appeals to his captors for his son's release. as well as the head of the pakistani army. bergdahl is believed to be in pakistan. seve ballesteros has died.
8:17 am
he won five major championships, including two masters and three british opens. he helped make europe a force in the ryder cup competition. ballesteros died from brain cancer. he was 54 years of age. what better way to celebrate your 85th birthday than jumping out of an airplane? that's what world war ii and korean vet bob katter did to mark the milestone. he wasn't the oldest person on the skydive. a 92-year-old buddy joined him. and the plane was piloted by a guy that was 120 years old. >> you're making that up? >> it is a good story. >> maybe george h.w. bush can join them next year. >> he did it just a couple of years ago when he turned 85. >> that's right. time for weather, and jackie meretsky. >> good morning, everyone. we saw the pictures of what's happening in memphis. 500,000 sandbags there to try and hold back the water. this is a slow-moving disaster.
8:18 am
in terms of the causes of flooding, the damage already done. the snow melt, as well as the rainfall in april. however, we do expect an additional, maybe, inch or two of rain in the mississippi river. the other big weather story is the heat in the desert southwest, where temperatures are 10 to 20 degrees above the norm. bianna and dan, back to you. >> thanks, jackie.
8:19 am
well, a week after walking down the aisle at westminster abbey, who would have guessed we would see catherine middleton walking down the aisle of a grocery store? >> the duchess of cambridge was at doing something most of us do, but few royals are ever seen doing. she and prince william have said, they want to be just like us. and they are starting early. here's lama hasan. >> reporter: what's this? catherine pushing a trolley as she goes grocery shopping. say it ain't so. and she still looks good doing it. it's so unfair. anyway, these newlyweds famously said they wanted to live as much of an ordinary life as possible. living in a modest cottage in wales. and shunning away the help of butlers and servants. they are a new breed of monarchs. and they are called the modern royals. strip away the titles, and for the most part, they are just like us. going to college. most have careers and jobs. they are marrying for love. and they don't have to be blueblooded, either. case in point, william and catherine.
8:20 am
so, too, was prince albert ii of monaco. in july, he'll be tying the knot with a south african olympic swimmer. queen and crown princess victoria, married her dashing personal trainer last year. and the crown prince of denmark, married a commoner he fell in love with during the sydney olympics in 2000. remember how diana wanted her kids to have a normal upbringing? taking them to an amusement park or a homeless shelter, so they can appreciate their lives. and mingling among regular people, their subjects. yes, folks, gets used to this picture because you'll be seeing a lot more of these royals doing chores that you and i would do. until royal duty calls, that is. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> dan, i haven't seen you since i came back from london. >> it's been a while. >> i brought you a souvenir. >> nice. >> check this out.
8:21 am
>> what is it? >> it's an iphone case. i love william and kate. >> i will cherish it forever. >> it's yours now. >> that leads beautifully into our next story. if you happen to be tech obsessed, online all the time, or constantly connected to your smartphone, we'll tell you how to go on a digital diet and get your real life back.
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we should play that again. this is the famous video of a woman walking through a mall. she is on her phone or something like that. she is so distracted that she falls into a fountain. this is not uncommon. people are addicted to their gadgets. so much so, that a lot of people believe that we are divorced from the reality that they are actual life that is playing out in front of us. our tech contributor -- hello? >> oh. >> our tech contributor, daniel sieberg, has come up with something called a digital diet. he will go through that with us this morning, if we can get bianna to join us this weekend. >> i do that every weekend, too. i'm always on my blackberry. good morning, america.
8:31 am
i'm dan harris. >> i'm bianna golodryga. it's saturday, may 7th. also ahead this morning, a rescue operation underway in the florida keys. about two dozen pilot whales have gotten into shallow water there. and more than half of them have already died. volunteers are working around the clock in a desperate attempt to save them. we'll take you there. plus, what's missing from this picture? the answer coming up in "your week in three words." we do begin with the parents of tyler clementi speaking out for the first time. the rutgers student committed suicide last year after another student posted him having sex with a man online. one of the students involved with the bullying was in court. that's where clementi's parents made their statement. mike marusarz is here this morning. >> reporter: tyler clementi's parents had issued written statements before. but this was the first time they faced cameras. and we actually heard them in their own words. >> actions have consequences. >> reporter: for joe and jane clementi, pain is fused with purpose.
8:32 am
>> we're here to witness this criminal proceeding on tyler's behalf. >> reporter: tyler was their 18-year-old son. he committed suicide in september, jumping off new york's george washington bridge, after he was bullied. his roommate, dharun ravi, and classmate, molly wei, are accused of secretly streaming online of clementi having a sexual encounter with another man. wei struck a deal on friday. she agreed to testify against ravi and complete 300 hours of community service. if she keeps a clean record against her, the case will be propped. >> bullies get off easy. that's the public perception because most bullies are young people with no prior record. >> reporter: in massachusetts, another case involving bullies and a suicide. in court, anne o'brien read one of the last text messages from her daughter, phoebe prince. >> it would be easier if he or any one of them handed me a noose.
8:33 am
>> reporter: phoebe prince hanged herself in january 2010, after prosecutors say she was relentlessly bullied by other students. all six teenagers linked to the case will not face jail time. prince's dad spoke in an irish documentary. >> the only real healing, in the long run, comes from the ability to forgive. that will be my focus from the start. and believe me, it's bloody hard. >> reporter: and that same hope for healing is shared by the clementi family. >> we wish that miss wei will become a better person, that will make better decisions, will help people, and will show kindness to those she comes in contact with. >> reporter: dharun ravi has been indicted on 15 counts of suspected bullying of tyler clementi. ravi is expected to be arraigned may 23rd. dan? >> thanks, mike. now, to a race against time in the florida keys. hundreds of volunteers and veterinarians are working around
8:34 am
the clock to save a family of pilot whales, stranded in the shallows there. our matt gutman is on the story. >> reporter: fighting for life with every breath. but so far, at least 13 of these pilot whales stranded near key west, have lost that battle. hundreds of volunteers and veterinarians are racing to save the eight whales that survived. corralling them in this sea pen, essentially holding the creatures afloat in four-hour shifts. >> it's pretty warm for them. they're tired. they're docile. >> reporter: they did it all night. keeping the 1,000-pound creatures hydrated, wet and alive. this morning, vets are going to have to make a fateful decision, which whales to release into the wild. and which to send to medical treatment. the group beached itself wednesday evening, disoriented, weak, and starving. haven eaton while. so, one of our jobs, too, is to
8:35 am
get them rehydrated and ready for the next step of eating. >> reporter: there may be more out there. >> right now, operations are geared towards recovery. and they're spread out all over the place. >> reporter: as they scramble to save this pod, scientists are also struggling to find a reason of what leads to mass whale suicide. >> we may not know. there's a couple of different reasons why marine mammals could strand. it could be injuries, disease, toxins, disorientation. >> reporter: the lab results could take months. human rescues of these stranded whales can be successful. remember this bottle nose whale, seemingly lost in england's thames river? with hundreds coming to save her. kids along with their parents worked so hard to save these stranded whales in cape cod. most survived. everything is being done in florida. matt gutman, abc news, miami.
8:36 am
>> it's good to know they can be saved. >> just a race against time. >> good for them. good for those people for getting out and trying. here's ron claiborne with a look at the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, new details from the trove of computer files and documents seized from osama bin laden's compound. they show al qaeda was trying to recruit minorities in the u.s. to conduct attacks, in hopes of not just killing americans, but also creating class and race warfare. the space shuttle "endeavour's" final liftoff has been delayed yet again. nasa now says it will blast off no earlier than may 16th, as it runs tests to determine the source of the electrical problem. and beatles legislate, paul mccartney, is getting married again. he is engaged to his girlfriend of nearly four years. she would be mccartney's third wife. not third at one time. and the defending nba champion lakers are on the brink of being eliminated from the playoffs. they lost to the dallas mavericks last night, dropping to 0-3, in that series.
8:37 am
no nba team has ever come back from that kind of deficit. game four is tomorrow on abc. time for the weather and jackie meretsky. >> you wanted to be sure that he had each wife at one time. >> for those who might misunderstand. jackie, help? >> ron, i feel i can continue with my weather report. thank you very much. let's look at some aerials from shelby county, tennessee, of the extend of the flooding. this will cause damage to private property, as well as warehouses and forests, as well. and it's all pushing downstream. this could hit new orleans in two to three weeks. let's look at some storms. more of what the mississippi river doesn't need, more rain in the forecast. about an inch of rain is expected. our other big weather story is, of course, a big winter storm in the pacific northwest. this is a windmaker. we're going to see some heavy snow in the cascades. maybe someone will be able to do a little bit more skiing here and there. 40-mile-per-hour winds. and very windy conditions, also pushing into southern california.
8:38 am
this weather report has been brought to you by nook color. dan and bianna? >> jackie, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," look up. stop texting. that's what you keep telling me every weekend, right? we send our tech contributor out to bust people, using their phones and gadgets, when they really shouldn't be. are you an offender? >> what he found was actually quite interesting. stay tuned for that. also coming up, we love mornings. apparently, so do you. you express your feelings in "your week in three words." woman: and everything there is to learn is learned.
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are you checking your e-mail or sending texts while you're watching television this morning? do you every feel like technology is taking over your life? we decided to do a little social experiment, sending out our abc technology correspondent, daniel sieberg, to bust people
8:42 am
using electronic gadgets in inappropriate places. everywhere you look, you see it. phones glued to ears. walking while typing, and then falling. face it. we are addicted to our technology. even using our gadgets in places we really shouldn't. so, we sent our tech contributor, daniel sieberg, out to bust people. >> we're here at the hard rock cafe. people are dining and talking. but we're seeing more people that are preoccupied with their devices. let's take a look. >> reporter: daniel finds four, young adults. nobody is talking to each other. they're just texting. >> are you texting each other? >> i do that to my mom. like, my mom and i go out. we're texting right there. yeah. >> across the table? >> yeah. >> reporter: two women eating lunch together. one can't stop looking at her phone. >> does that bother you? >> you have to stay connected. not at all. got to check it out. >> anything you should be checking out right now? >> not right now. >> reporter: it's not just dining and texting, it's walking, too.
8:43 am
this windows mobile commercial, show the dangers of a virtual minefield of distracted walkers. >> we're in times square. it's easy to bump into people when you're walking around. it's also full of a lot of people sitting and typing. >> reporter: daniel caught up with this guy who was texting and walking at the same time. >> have you ever bumped into somebody? >> no. >> are you sure? >> people bump into me. >> who's fault is that? >> their fault. >> does anybody walk like this? >> do what you have to do. >> reporter: and this guy tried to hide his phone when our team caught up with him. >> we're at the crossroads of america here, in times square. and you're looking at your phone. >> jerks. it's somehow ridiculously addictive. and i'm missing the world because i have this damn thing in my hands. >> reporter: and just like at the hard rock, this man is walking with friends. but he's not paying any attention to them as he texts away. >> are these guys not as interesting to talk to? >> they're very interesting. you caught me this one time. >> reporter: and finally, in
8:44 am
central park, arguably, the most beautiful park in the world. nature cannot seem to compare to those tiny, little screens. >> i'm in a park. >> right. a beautiful, sunny day. shouldn't you be looking around? >> right. well, yes. yes. >> reporter: of course, there were those too busy on the phones to even acknowledge our team's existence. >> can i talk to you for a second? too distracted. >> those reactions are hilarious. daniel is here with us this morning. we should say, he is a self-confessed recovering tech addict. he's written a new book. i have it in my hand. it's about breaking digital addiction. he's here with some tips. >> i'm not perfect, by the way. i should point out. i struggle. but i see the benefits of doing it. it's worth doing it. >> so, practically, how do we break this addiction? >> there's lots of tips in the book. first of all, no tech turds. >> can you say that on morning television? >> i hope so. i said it. it's out there. if you're at a restaurant with
8:45 am
somebody, and you throw your device out on a table like that, that's a tech turd for me. you're looking at the blinking light. anything you say, i'm going to look here if it's not interesting enough. which is a problem, i think. >> i do that. but it is rude. >> it is rude. the next one is structure your e-day. when you go online in the morning and when you go offline. and structure that. think about when you can actually put your devices away at the end of the day. and the next one, sleep device-free. charge your devices anywhere except your bedroom. the kitchen. the bathroom. but keep the sanctuary of your bedroom. >> my wife made me move the blackberry charger to the other side of the room. and it's a game-changer. >> it is. you may even get better sleep. >> i do. >> finally, live your life in the real world. i think so many people get caught up on what happens on facebook and twitter and social networks.
8:46 am
it's like it doesn't happen for real until they post something about it. it's weird. >> this is fascinating stuff. really important in a lot of people's lives. daniel, we really appreciate it. the book controversy a lot of other stuff, including the myth of multitasking. we may have you back to discuss that. we appreciate it. thank you very much. you can read an excerpt of "the digital diet" on coming up here, on "good morning america," why is this girl stuck doing the dishes? the answer in "your three words" next. i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. - did dad go to jared for the pandora bracelet
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i'd go home happy. i have my phone, with my new, courtesy of bianna, i love william and kate. >> you should walk around with that. >> we're always online at don't forget. "world news" with david muir later this evening. see you tomorrow.
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